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   Foshan refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd. is a collection research and development, design, production, sales in one of the commercial refrigeration equipment professional manufacturing enterprise, main production cake cabinet, island cabinets, air curtain cabinet, drug cool cabinet, kitchen cabinet, display cabinet and a series of supermarket freezer.
   Company is located in China's manufacturing base, refrigerator manufacturing cradle - Foshan City, the company's "wall" brand series of freezer, after years of development, excellent product quality, thoughtful solving scheme, and improve after-sales service to ensure that the "wall" freezer go in front of the industry, satisfy the needs of different customers, a CCTV brand cooperation, shortlisted for the 2014 China brand influence, supported by the majority of consumers in the market recognition and with industry partners!
   Company through the regular organization of scientific research departments to go abroad to study, the introduction of foreign advanced refrigeration technology and refrigeration control system, to ensure that all products work fine, refrigeration system running stable, energy saving. We will use all the wisdom and effort, make sure you buy and use wall products, enjoy the most comprehensive product experience! Creating value for customers is our responsibility.
   Chinese model, wall cabinet!

Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.
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